For more about the Cambridge Union today, visit the Society’s website at The Union often features in the Cambridge undergraduate newspapers, Varsity or The Cambridge Student (TCS).

Other debating societies modelled on the Cambridge Union were established at Oxford (1823) and Durham (1842).

There have been two previous histories of the Union by ex-Presidents:

In addition, a number of nineteenth-century volumes covering the early part of the Union’s history are now available in digital form:

The latter includes a preface by Sir Austen Chamberlain (Vice-President, Lent 1885) and an introduction by Dr. J.R. Tanner (President, Easter 1883), who also wrote a short pamphlet to mark the Union’s centenary in 1915.

The Union has recently started to upload digital recordings of its debates to; a few much older recordings – such as this debate between James Baldwin and William F. Buckley, Jr. on the motion ‘The American Dream is at the expense of the American Negro’ (Michaelmas 1965) – are also available online.

A list of ex-Presidents with the occasional hyperlink is available on – or from Martin Tod (President, Lent 1987), now the Liberal Democrat candidate for Winchester.

If you can’t wait to buy my book (hint…), and want to read more of my writing on the Union, you could take a glance at:

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